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About Schwabe Books

Schwabe Books: Our Story

An avid reader, Schwabe Books' president and owner Greg Schwabe grew up surrounded by books. While traveling throughout Southern California helping his father's book business, Greg saw how schools were being underserved and overcharged by other companies. He decided that schools deserved better treatment and pricing. In 1993, Greg realized his goal by opening Schwabe Books.

Since its beginning, Schwabe Books has been a family business. In the early days, the company warehoused its books in a 10x10 public storage facility and family members stepped in wherever needed. As the business grew, so did the number of employees and the warehouse space. Today, more than 18 years and three locations later, Schwabe Books has 20 employees and approximately 30,000 children's titles. The company now offers those titles available online or at our infamous "Teacher Book Fairs".

A Textbook Case in Customer Service

Schwabe Books has a straightforward business ethic: to provide all schools with the best service, variety, quality and price possible. It's that simple.

More for Your Money

Schwabe Books is the only company in the country to offer more than 25,000 children's books at a base of 50% off the cover price. Any foundation or school, regardless of size and location, can purchase premium fiction and nonfiction classroom library books from over 50 of the top publishers at budget-stretching prices.

Acceleratded Reader

Geared for Kindergarten through twelfth-grade students, a majority of the books correspond with Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader's program. This means no guesswork on the level of the book. Simply explore the vast selection, order your favorite titles, and shelf them in your classroom when they arrive.